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Beachhead is a venture capital firm investing in high-growth Australian companies looking to rapidly expand, go further and achieve more.

We are an early stage venture capital firm backing exceptional Australian entrepreneurs. We help you with capital, guidance and strategy.

The value we bring is our willingness to take on risk and guide you through the fast-changing environment of growth. Ideally this would prepare you for Series A capital raise or an exit.

Our strengths come from hands-on experience in starting, growing and exiting businesses across a number of industries. We understand the effort and risk you are taking, and offer more than being a silent partner on the sidelines. We prefer to invest in businesses that offer a unique advantage to outcompete established rivals. We are agnostic to industry sector with a focus on scalable unit economics.

There is nothing that drives us more than success – your success.

I have a knack for spotting an opportunity that others miss.

Peter Devine

Alan Burt

I love the power of smart ideas and good people creating seriously good businesses.

“Building something from nothing and challenging the status quo have always been my passion.

Aaron Shelley

What we do

Our focus

We seek early stage businesses with the passion and ideas to go all the way. We are looking for people with self-belief, perseverance and some rat cunning.

If it is only money you need, we're probably not the right partner for you. We are looking for early-stage businesses that are looking for both money and where we have an edge to develop their business into something of much greater value. The majority of our investments will be in the $200k- to $1m range where the business already has a product, team and, most importantly, customers.

It is essential that the proprietor continues to own the majority of the business after our involvement and enjoys the success that we will deliver together. The Beachhead team want to be involved in forming strategy and driving growth and improvement throughout the business. We are not there to run the business – the best person to do that is the person who started it, or a carefully selected business manager we can assist.

Each of the partners of Beachhead have built a successful business and sold it. We are not investment bankers. We have varied, but complementary skill sets, and together form a powerful team.

One thing that is greatly evident to Beachhead, is the gap between people operating good businesses who would like to divest, and larger business looking to grow. Corporate entities need to demonstrate growth to their shareholders and acquisition is often a fast and effective way to achieve this.

The Beachhead team understand both sides of this relationship and can ensure that measures are put in place to maximise the value for both the growing business and the success of the ultimate integration to a larger entity.


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