Meet your business partners

Our story started in 2008 when each of us was leading our own business through growth and change. We had sought the wisdom and experience of others and found value in the collective experience and knowledge of three. For different reasons we each sold our businesses to globally-operating and listed entities. Beachhead was formed soon after as our vehicle to pursue what we love – good business ideas backed by passionate and energetic owners.

The three of us bring our own perspectives to each opportunity but we will continue to value our collective judgement rather than a formula. For us to invest, all three must agree. Unlike venture capital funds we use our own capital. This gives us the flexibility to consider each opportunity on its merits rather than imposing artificial benchmarks.

And we're approachable.

About us

After working in senior roles with global companies in the logistics sector Aaron formed NTS in 2005. It soon found a niche market and grew organically over an 8-year period to a $20m+ business. Now a significant national enterprise, Aaron sold the business to a listed Australian company in 2013. 

He continues to operate and consult in the private sector and has driven large changes in corporates that have delivered significant and lasting results for all stakeholders.

Originally an accountant, Aaron understands the importance of keeping a close watch on the financials and has seen many good business falter or fail by placing too much focus on the wrong aspects. He believes it is imperative that all stakeholders in a business are kept firmly accountable and share in the success of a business.

Aaron’s key strengths are operational analysis and continuous improvement. He uses intuition and solid financial skills to get to the heart of any business.

Aaron Shelley

Alan Burt

Alan is passionate about technology, innovation and change as it applies to any facet of life. He enjoys business, inspiring and transforming teams.

He is a successful entrepreneur in the technology services sector with a deep understanding of technology trends and markets having built and exited several technology businesses.

He is a respected leader of infrastructure, software development and managed services teams in both private companies and divisions of multinational corporations.

Alan’s core capabilities are to conceptualise, commercialise and orchestrate technology strategies that effectively build revenue and reduce costs.

Alan’s strengths are that he is creative, energetic and competitive. He is motivated by commercial success and new experiences. Alan aspires to work with innovative global technology businesses and is up for the challenge.

His time in a global technology company has provided the opportunity to experience strategy with significant resources, major customers and an appetite for innovation and acquisition.

Peter Devine

Peter is a passionate director, entrepreneur and business owner with a background in consulting and the infrastructure sector. In 1993 he joined and invested in a Sydney-based consulting firm, eventually becoming the managing director in 2005. The company grew four-fold over the eight-year period Peter was at the helm, with an office in each capital of the eastern states.

Exit came in the form of a sale to UK listed entity RPS Group plc. Peter became the managing director of the RPS Infrastructure Solutions Division, which outperformed the rest of the global group in both gross and nett margin.

As a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors Peter understands the importance of company structure and governance.

Experience on a number of company boards includes a recently completed a stint on the board of Waste Aid, a start up not-for-profit aimed at ending the health and environmental impact of solid waste in remote indigenous communities. Peter’s strengths are his competitiveness, ambition, optimism and experience.


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